Actress/ Dancer/ Video Creator

Rikako Watanabe is a native Japanese

actress and dancer living in Germany. She has been a part of the performing industry for the last decade. Her latest projects she has been featured in: Aldi süd commercial “Aufrechter Gang” in Germany.

After graduating from Osaka University of Arts, she became a performer at Universal Studios

Japan(2014-2016), Universal Studios Singapore(2016-2019), and Robot Restaurant Tokyo (2019-2020) to perform in parades and shows.

During the pandemic of 2021, she trained in acting for Film and TV at Vancouver Acting School. After graduating, she moved to Germany to expand her acting career in Europe and appeared in
international commercials while she has been online training in The Actors Gym in The Reel Scene. 


Rikako is a passionately diverse performer who can adapt and excel in all avenues. She brings an intriguing energy to every performance and puts her heart into everything she does



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